How to be productive in the study

I have used it as a teacher and the lessons I am already using. No matter what class you are in, these methods will be useful for you. These tips will help you to be more productive in studying.

Lean with or without music

Some people need to have a good quiet time while studying. But some do not. They can enjoy music and even study. You choose how you feel comfortable—the ability to listen to music in silence or not can vary depending on personal preferences. When you’re tired of studying, listen to wordless music. It helps you concentrate and understand a lot. It also helps you to relax in mind.

Mind relax

Working 24 hours a day thinking you can make the most of your study can be a step down in your mood. And working out 24 hours a day is not going to lift you, but it will degrade your mindset. It’s a recipe for your defeat.

Your physical and mental well-being is essential for good memory. It would be best if you rested your mind regularly. If the mind is calm, you will be able to study well and have a better memory. Stress can directly affect your learning. If you are facing significant problems in your personal life, there are many things you can do to keep your mind free and calm. Among these, I urge you to practice meditation—practice one hour of meditation every day for a month. You will no doubt, be amazed by the change in your mind. This is very important for your learning.

Perform breathing multiple times a day. Also, engaging in yoga exercises can lighten the mind and reduce stress. Getting a study break or taking a deep breath can help reduce your stress levels.

Keep a study schedule

You can’t do a series of lessons every day. Rest is important too. Otherwise you will get sick. You will need to set a timetable for the study to take place systematically. It is effective because it can balance all actions. You also set aside time for other tasks, as well as a considerable hours of study each day.

There is something important I should say. You may find it difficult to work out a schedule at first. Otherwise, it will work out at first, and then miss out. It is also important to make sure that the same schedule is kept up to date. In fact, it is very difficult for me. The same schedule can lead to laziness on a daily basis.

So I had to update the schedule once a month. If you find it difficult, you can update it once a month. But it should always be productive. Your schedule should allow you to learn as well as feed, sleep, and spend time with family.

Depending on the skill as well as with the subject matter, the amount of time it takes for each person to study will vary. So the time I allocate will vary from your time. Since I am a teacher, I know very well what a student can afford each day. That is why I say that these tips will help you to study well.

Recall memories

Repeating the points that you have learned will cause them to remember for a while. But let me tell you the strategy I use to remember the lessons learned, and think about how you will practice what you study. If you can’t put what you learn into practice, it is useless. So meditate on how to put what you have in mind into practice. You will never forget it.

Teach others which you learn

I mentioned one of the ways that memory can be developed. When I teach in school, I always tell a friend what he has learned. When you teach someone what we know, it is like studying it once. Research shows that teaching information to someone else will help them develop better memory and memory. This will be especially effective for enhancing reading comprehension and memory.

Avoid learning too much

Excessive learning alone is a sharp start to diminishing benefits. When you have a limited amount of time to study each topic, you are better off focusing on something else.

Adjust the learning environment accordingly

Whatever you are in your home or apartment, choose the best place for study. Here I recommend you choose your living room or sleeping area separately. That is, prepare a separate place to do your learning freely and clearly. It does not have to be a comfortable place to be, but it is effective to be a place that does not interfere with your study. It will make your sleep as well as learning easier.

So make the room you choose very attractive. Also, make sure it is a comfortable place with good lighting and a perfect workspace. Some can study even in a noisy environment. But not everyone does, and silence is essential for creative thinking. However, you should train your mind so that it can clearly go towards your goals even in any turbulent environment.

Identify and manage your mental strength

There are 24 hours a day, invest one of which is in your personal growth. Find yourself in that hour. Align what you want, your goals, and your needs. Later, make a plan to fulfill those goals one by one. Do one thing per day that surprises you. Immediately stop making excuses for your mind. Remember that, the day you think you can do everything your mind can’t do, you can achieve all your goals. Fight against your negative inner nature. Double the reasons you need to do whenever you feel like not doing all the goals you plan to achieve in your plan. What you often think and what you often believe will become your reality. It will be very helpful to manage your mental energy as well as your time. Focus on how you use different academic tasks and study methods to grow your energy. Plan your study days accordingly.

Keep the phone away during study time

I say this with experience. You need to make the most of it to use your valuable study time wisely and productively. But the phone is a device that can keep you away from your studies for a moment or two. The phone you pick up for two minutes can be back in hours.

Do you know that if you study 4 hours a day, you will spend a whole hour distracted? The main reason for that is your phone. Always keep the phone away and start studying, and make a habit of it.

Look for difficulties and avoid them

Before starting the study, make sure that the clothes you are wearing are light. You can’t study a lot of the time wearing tight clothes. Also, if you are hungry, get food and start studying first. Always get nutritious food. Avoiding such problems will lead to better learning.


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